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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2014 12:01PM EET
When you are making purchases in a talent's TeamUp web shop, at the final stage of the buying process you are offered the chance to make a so-called social shopping update.

This update is your chance to tell other TeamUp users that you have just supported a talent by buying something from their TeamUp shop. In addition, by publishing this update, you will earn 5 fan points, if you are a fan of that talent, and in this way you can improve your fan ranking among all fans of that talent! (Remember, that you can also get fan points for the purchases you make, if you are a fan of the talent or become one during the buying process.)

The picture on the left shows an example of what this social shopping update looks like: in the top left there's the profile picture of the user who has made the purchase, and the photo in the top right is that of the talent, in whose shop the purchase was made. 

The actual contents of this update is the information about which item or items you just bought from the talent's web shop. It will also show a picture of the shop item in question. This update can be upped and commented, and after it has been published, it can also be shared to other social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter. Click on the third icon, located at the bottom of the update, to share it elsewhere.

However, the social shopping update will not be automatically shared outside TeamUp, but it is published only in TeamUp: both in the front page of your TeamUp profile and in the profile of the talent, in whose web shop the purchase was made. In other words, this update can be seen by anyone visiting either of these two profiles, regardless if they are TeamUp users or visitors who haven't registered or logged in to TeamUp.

Why should I make a social shopping update?

You may wonder why we have introduced such a feature in TeamUp and why on earth you should make this kind of an update about your purchase. Well, there are several reasons for creating this feature. First of all, not only does it allow you to show your activity and support towards the talent you're a fan of, making this update also creates additional visibility to the talent's TeamUp profile. In a way, your update is simultaneously also an advertisement for the talent's TeamUp shop.  

Because one of TeamUp's aims is to generate more attention towards the talents that are using the platform, making such a social shopping update is your chance to play your part in this visibility game - especially if you (or some other user) additionally decide to share the update to some other social media platform or via e-mail to the public outside of TeamUp. In addition, when you publish a shopping update in TeamUp, you will earn 5 fan points, which give you the chance to boost your fan ranking amongst the fans of that talent.

You can also get fan points for sharing the shopping update outside of TeamUp, in several different ways. Firstly, you can get 3 fan points, if another TeamUp user follows the link - which is included whenever you share the update elsewhere. Secondly, you can get 10 additional fan points, if a user follows your link and then becomes a fan of that talent in whose shop you've made the purchase. Thirdly, you can get 8 points, if a user - after having followed your link - decides to buy the same or some other item from the TeamUp web shop of the talent in question.

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