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How do I link my sponsors to my Inspirator profile?

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2017 03:42PM EET
TeamUp has a unique capability to create value for your sponsors, and it's the linking of the profiles.

If your sponsors haven't already joined TeamUp, please ask them to do so. They can join to get their free business profile or subscribe for some of the paid levels. With a paid level business profile they can unlock additional capabilities to fully utilize their sponsorship deals and grow their own revenue.

How do I link my sponsors?

Linking is easy: just go to your sponsor's profile, and select More actions... > Initiate a partnership... 

That will open a popup window where you can specify:
  1. validity period, i.e. for how long the partnership will be valid until
  2. whether all of your fans will be introduced to the sponsor or not
  3. your personal message to the sponsor

Example of the popup window contents: a Tigers sports team is about to send an invitation to their sponsor Imag Sports:

In the example above, Imag Sports has a Business Team level business profile, which enables them to form a partnership where all of the fans of the Tigers would be invited to join the sponsor's "team".

You probably know that a user can "like" a sponsor's Facebook Page? Well, "joining their team" is somewhat similar action. Except that in TeamUp a fan will always see the updates from such a teams they join, and can also enjoy their team benefits.

What happens after the linking?

When your sponsor accepts the invitation, the linking is in place. After the linking a number of things will happen automatically, and keep doing so until either of you would remove the linking:
  1. Your profile picture is shown in your sponsor's profile
  2. Your sponsor's profile picture is shown in your profile
  3. Your latest update will always be shown in your sponsor's profile
  4. Your sponsor's latest update will always be shown in your profile

In addition to those, if your sponsor had the Business Team level business profile, and you had given them a right to be introduced to your fans (as the Tigers team did in the example above):
  • Every current and future fan of yours will get an invitation where they are asked to join your sponsor's "team" as a fan member. If they do so, they can see what you guys are doing together, and might receive some team benefits that the sponsor wants to offer.

Here's an example how the invitation looks like for the fans of a Tigers Team:


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