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What are the Partnerships in TeamUp? How do they differ from each other?

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 03:46PM EEST
Partnerships are a unique way to link an Inspirator (such as athlete, sports team) and their sponsor's profile together, and thus let the world know about their co-operation.

By linking the profiles the latest update from the Inspirator will be automatically shown in the sponsor's profile, and vice versa.

The linking of the profile is accomplished in practice so, that the Inspirator will initiate the partnership. When the sponsor accepts the invitation, the partnership starts. 

Typically the parties negotiate and agree the terms of the partnership either sending messages back and forth in TeamUp, or meeting physically. Since TeamUp is not part of the agreement, 100% of the sponsorship value will be transferred between the sponsor and the Inspirator.

TeamUp offers two types of partnerships. A (basic) Partnership, and a Team Partnership.


This is the default level of partnership, by which the Inspirator and the Sponsor profile are linked together. Updates are synced to each other's profiles, as described above. In addition to that, there's a specific partnership announcement update, as shown in the picture, that will be seen in both party's profiles.

In this way all of the visitors of the Inspirator and the Sponsor profile will get to know about the partnership. 

Team Partnership

This partnership type is possible to form, if the sponsor has a Business Team level sponsor profile.

As the name indicates, in this partnership the Inspirator will "Team Up with the sponsor", and thus gets listed in the sponsor's profile as part of their "Team". In addition to that, every single current and future fan of the Inspirator will get the automatic joint invitation to join the team as well.

See the invitation in action by becoming a fan of Michael Waltrip Racing.

Team Partnership is by far the most effective way to utilize the sponsorship in social media. Up to 90% of the fans of an Inspirator have decided to join the team of the sponsor, and the reason is the positive approach we have here. Just compare the Facebook page likes of a sports club and their sponsors, or Twitter followers of them, and you notice an incredibly big difference. In those other platforms, sponsors are typically regarded as advertisers (and they are acting that way, too).

Those fans that accept the invitation will see always the latest update from the Sponsor.

Fans can also enjoy the specific unlocked benefits, that the sponsor can offer. Benefits can be anything ranging from product offers to the most amazing VIP experiences, perhaps organized together with the Inspirator. The benefits are visible to all team members in their own private view.

Read more about the linking.

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