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What does 'upping' mean in TeamUp? What and how can I up?

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2015 04:01PM EET
When you surf around in TeamUp, every once in a while you might spot something - a recent update by a FanPage or a cheer posted by a fan, for instance - that you like particularly much, that in your view is exceptionally good and therefore should get other users' attention, too. In such situations, upping is what you want to do.

The Up feature will, according to its name, lift its target up, to the awareness of other TeamUp users. It's an easy way of expressing your feelings: "This is GREAT!!", "WOW!", "I like this!". You can up things by clicking on its symbol that looks like an arrow going upwards (seen on the left). 

In TeamUp you can up all of these:

You can find the up icon at the bottom of each update or cheer that's been posted on the site (icon highlighted in the screenshot on the right), on the same row as the icons for leaving a comment or sharing the update to other social networks. If you would want to praise a comment that another user has posted, you can find the up icon on the right hand side of the comment row.

You can up one item only once.

Each up has an individual time stamp, with which TeamUp can follow what kinds things are being upped at different points in time; for instance, what have been the most upped things during the last day or week, or even the last hour. 

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