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Talents I'm interested in are already on Facebook and I follow them there. Why should I join TeamUp?

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2013 11:20AM EEST
Is the following scenario familiar: you follow your idol, favorite band or a sports team you're a fan of on Facebook and together with other fans you click click click to like their status updates and photos, occasionally throwing in your own comment. All this might nevertheless sometimes feel somewhat insufficient. If only there was a way to show these talents I'm fan of that I really care about them and their success way more than what just that like indicates!

Naturally some talents have their own website where they may write separate updates and where they have a link to an external fan shop. However, buying your fan item from this kind of web shops is a similar kind of experience than buying the same thing from the shelf of a department store: rather impersonal. There's no sense of community. In addition you might be wondering how much of the money you pay in that web shop eventually goes to the talents themselves. 

In TeamUp, things are different.

In TeamUp you can do more for the talents than merely just like them and somewhat passively follow what they're up to. Here you have the possibility to use your own activity to influence their popularity and in this way be part of their success story. How, you might ask? Well, for instance in this manner:

Not only can you show your support to the talents you're a fan of by writing an encouraging cheer to their profiles, you can also support them by buying products and experiences directly from their fan shop. In TeamUp, every talent can open their own web shop - included automatically and for free in their profile - where there are no middlemen: you buy directly from the talents and pay directly to them. And you can be sure that 100% of the money you use in their shops always goes straight to the talents themselves, not anyone else's pockets.

Moreover, the buying experience in TeamUp is a social one. Not only are you buying the fan item or experience directly from the talent, and not from an external or outsourced webshop or from the shelf of a department store, you also have the chance, right at the end of the buying process, to make a special social shopping update that is shown in the profiles of both you and the talent from whose shop you made the purchase. This gives you a way to thank the talent and also let other TeamUp users know about the purchase you made and in this way generate more attention towards the talent you're a fan of. 

Support talents - and help them find partners. 

You can also support talents by sharing their TeamUp profiles elsewhere in social media. In this manner you help them get more attention and popularity. Popularity, in turn, makes the talents more interesting in the eyes of companies, which then gives the talents a chance for getting better partnership and sponsorship deals. 

But why should I be interested in the potential partnership or sponsorship plans of talents I'm a fan of? That has nothing to do with me, right?

In fact, in TeamUp those partnership or sponsorship plans or deals might concern you as a fan quite much. As you might know, in addition to fans and talents there are also business users in TeamUp, looking for interesting talents they could support or sponsor in different ways. Sponsors are important enablers for the success of several talents; particularly the early career of young and emerging talents can be stalled due to lack of financial means and support. 

In TeamUp talents can (and most also want) find sponsors. The more popular a talent is in TeamUp and elsewhere, the more interesting he or she is also in the eyes of potential sponsoring companies. Can you already see where this leads? Yes: you as a fan can play an important role in the development of this plot.

You, too, can benefit from a talent's sponsors.

But how you might then benefit from all this? Well, here at TeamUp we encourage all companies who have a business profile in our site to do things together with the talents they sponsor. Good cooperation partners can for instance organize interesting events or sponsored fan meetings together with the talent, which in turn may mean potential new experiences for you - experiences you can't find anywhere else. 

Businesses have three types of profiles in TeamUp. Of those three types, Business Team includes a feature enabling the business to invite talents to become part of their team. Together the Business Team and the talent can organize campaigns and communicate about them. In addition, the fans of the talent who has joined the business team will receive an invitation to join the team as fan members. Joining as a fan member is definitely worth considering: the fan members may receive special benefits from the business and will be always the first ones to know about everything the business does together with the talents they sponsor. 

You, too, may receive messages from talents you're a fan of where they invite you to join a Business team as a fan member. It is your choice, whether you're interested in the team membership or not. Membership does not bind you to anything and you can leave the team at any time, should you change your mind. 

Did you start creating your fan profile already?

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