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How do I connect my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to my TeamUp profile or FanPage?

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2016 11:32AM EEST

Connecting to Facebook and Twitter

Once you connect your TeamUp profile to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can automatically share your updates and cheers to your followers outside TeamUp.

You can make the connection in two ways.

Alternative 1: connect while composing your update

You can connect your TeamUp profile easily to your Facebook and Twitter accounts while you are composing your update. The connection has to be done only once.

Just "turn on" the Facebook and Twitter buttons, and login to the respective services in the popup that opens.

Connecting to Facebook

You will be presented with the dialogue windows similar to those shown below. Please answer "Okay" to both of them:

After answering "Okay" to both of those dialogue windows, finally a popup window similar to this will be shown. Now just select the target you want to connect to.

Note that in order to post to your Facebook page from TeamUp, you must have either administrator or editor level rights to the Facebook page.

If you don't see dialogue windows similar to above, please make sure that your browser is not blocking popup windows. Here's an example how the popup is being blocked in Chrome browser, and how to allow to open the popups:

After connecting the accounts, your future updates will be automatically shared to those services, as long as the buttons are green.

Alternative 2: connect in the account management

This allows you to easily connect to all three social networks at once, and also see your connection status.

First go to the Account management, and there locate your profile, and click "Show details". You will see a form like this:

Just click Connect on each of the services, and you're done. Again, if the popups won't open, check the above.

Connecting to Instagram

Instagram does not allow the sharing from outside to Instagram, so it's not possible to share from TeamUp to Instagram. However, once you connect your profile to Instagram account, you can automatically get your Instagram updates to TeamUp as well. 

See the screen above about connecting to Instagram. Read more here about Instagram integration.

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