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Add visibility for your sponsor via Promo-corner

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2015 10:01AM EET

This is how you can easily add visibility for your sponsor.

(Things shown here are available for FanPages that have formed a TeamUp partnership with a sponsor).

Now it's easy to give more visibility to your sponsors via Promo-corner capability. This article shows how to make an update similar to the one shown below, and how it can be automatically shared also to your Facebook page (or profile) and your Twitter account.

1. Start by connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to TeamUp. If you haven't done this eariler, in both cases there's a popup window which will ask you to sign in to the respective services. In the case of Facebook, you can select whether the update will end up to your personal Facebook profile or to the Facebook page that you have admin rights. Since TeamUp is the best place to create value for sponsors, we advise you to make your updates always from TeamUp and then share it further to other channels.

2. Write your update and mention your sponsor. When you type '@' and then at least three letters from your sponsor's name, you can see the list of your sponsors (3). If the list is empty, you have to first create a partnership with your sponsor's profile. If your sponsor is not yet in TeamUp, ask them to create their own free or paid level profile, and also learn more about TeamUp's benefits for them.

3. Select your sponsor from the list.

4. Add a picture to your update by clicking the camera icon. If possible, select at least 940 pixels wide picture. For example, most of the pictures taken with smart phones should be fine. 

If the picture you selected is at least 940 pixels wide, you can add your sponsor's profile picture as part of your update. Otherwise, move to step 7.

5. Click the briefcase icon
, and you will see a list of your sponsors. If you don't have a partnership with any business, the list is empty.

6. From the list, select the sponsor you want to promote, and their profile picture will appear as part of your picture.

7. Finally, click "Post", and your update will be posted on your TeamUp FanPage, as well as on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The update shared to Facebook and Twitter will include a link to your original update in TeamUp, so everybody can easily find it.

Your update will also be shown:
- in all of your fan's newsfeed
- in all of your fan's public profile (always showing your latest update)
- in your selected sponsor's newsfeed, and in their public profile

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