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What is Fan ranking and why is it important for me as an Inspirator

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2017 08:26AM EEST
This article explains what is Fan ranking and what is its importance from the point of view of an Inspirator (athlete, sports team, musician etc). For the article explaining Fan ranking from the point of view of a fan, click here

What is Fan ranking?

Fan ranking is a new TeamUp feature where all fan users (and also Inspirators who are fans of other Inspirators) can earn points for various things they do in TeamUp. For instance, every time when a fan buys items from the TeamUp web shop of an Inspirator they're a fan of, they earn fan points for their purchase.

For fans, Fan ranking offers the chance to concretely show their own activity as a supporter of the Inspirator they're a fan of. The keenest fans, who support the Inspirator for instance by spreading the word of the Inspirator's TeamUp profile, by buying fan items or sharing the Inspirator's updates from TeamUp to other social media channels, will also earn the most fan points. 

In addition, Fan ranking offers fans the chance to have a playful competition with each other: who are the most active top fans for each Inspirator?  For example, fans of different ice hockey teams may think that their own team has the best fans - and now the TeamUp fan points provide a tool for measuring that.

What importance does Fan ranking have for me as an Inspirator?

The fan points serve several purposes in TeamUp, of which the fans' point of view was clarified above. For you as an Inspirator, the Fan ranking offers the chance to find out, who are your biggest fans. This is interesting information because these most active fans might have real, concrete value for you.

Fan ranking may motivate your fans and encourage them to do more for you than just like your updates. Naturally it is a good idea for you to encourage them to do various things in TeamUp, for instance by offering them such unique content in TeamUp that they can't find in any other social media channel. In this way your fans will become your messengers, in a manner of speaking, and contribute in helping you to grow your fan base in TeamUp. This, in turn, will help you increase your visibility and attractiveness also outside our service.

In other words, the fan points are a concrete way for fans to show to themselves, to the I
nspirators they're a fan of, and to other fans that they are interested in the Inspirator in question and that they are actively doing things for them. For this reason, at some point you might want to consider rewarding your most active supporters in one way or another, because thanks to them, you may have increased chances for finding not only more fans, but more potential cooperation partners and sponsors, too.

How do users get points?

Your fans will automatically get points every time when they do something in TeamUp that qualifies them to earn fan points. There are two types of points: those that your fan earns directly due to their own actions, and referral points, which can be earned when another TeamUp user does something because of your fan. At the moment points are given for the following activities:
  • when user becomes a fan of a Inspirator
  • when user visits daily the Inspirator's profile
  • when user shares the contents of the Inspirator's profile and another TeamUp user follows the link 
  • for purchases made in the Inspirator's TeamUp web shop
  • for publishing a social shopping cheer
The number of points that users get for each of these actions is clarified in the table below. Users get fan points separately for each Inspirator that they're are a fan of. However, in your own Inspirator profile you can see the total fan points that your fans have earned. Using these total fan points as a measuring stick, you can compete with other Inspirators to find out, who has the best and most active fans in TeamUp!

How many points do they get?

The table below shows how many points users get for which action:

Points fans can earn for their own actions

Points Reason for points Limitations
10 When user becomes a fan of a Inspirator Only once per each Inspirator
1 When user visits the Inspirator's profile Max 1 point per day* per Inspirator
1 One point for each euro used in a Inspirator's TeamUp web shop No limitations
5 When user publishes a social shopping cheer after buying something from a Inspirator's TeamUp web shop No limitations
*) NOTE: Currently the change of a day is determined based on our server's time zone (which is GMT / UTC). This means that if your time zone is e.g. EET (GMT-5), then each day changes in TeamUp from your point of view at 7pm your local time. 

Referral points

Points Reason for points Limitations
10  When an authenticated TeamUp user becomes a fan of a Inspirator because of another user, i.e. follows a link that this user has shared, leading to the Inspirator's profile, and becomes a fan after that Only once per authenticated user
3 When user has shared a link to the Inspirator's profile or any of its contents (an update, a shop item, a social shopping cheer) outside TeamUp and another user follows the link Max. 3 points per user
8 When another user follows a link user has shared to a Inspirator's TeamUp profile and then buys something from the Inspirator's web shop No limitations

Example: when a user becomes your fan, they will get a one-time 10 points for it. Simultaneously they will receive 1 point for visiting your profile (because they were browsing the profile page when they became a fan). When the user visits your profile again on the following day* (please see the definition of a day above), they will get 1 point again.

Where can I find out my fans' points and ranking?

You can see your fans' fan points and their ranking in the Fanships tab in the private view of your profile. 

On the right side of the Fanships page there's a menu; select Fans and you will see a list of all of your fans. For each fan the list shows their total fan points and their rank among all of your fans. By clicking on the text Details below the points opens a popup where you can see a breakdown of the different activities that the fan has done to earn the points. Use the Quick search to quickly find the statistics for a particular fan by typing in their name in the search field.

You can sort the fan list according to different criteria by clicking on the headings. For example, if you wish to see what's the smallest sum of fan points your fans have got, click on the header Fan points. If, instead, you want to sort the list in reversed order based on the rank, click on Rank. The heading Fan since allows you to sort the list of your fans based on the date they have become your fan, if you for instance would want to contact the user who has been your fan in TeamUp the longest.

You can see the fan points and ranking of your fans also on the front page of your profile. The right-hand column on the profile front page contains a section called Top fans, which shows a list of those 10 users with most fan points, displaying their points, too. The fans are listed, one below the other, based on their points so that the fan who has most points is highest. The individual fan points of each fan are shown on the right side of the blue bar indicating their ranking.

At the bottom of the Top fans list you can also see the total sum of fan points all your fans have earned. Based on these total fan ranking points you could even start a friendly competition with other Inspirators to find out, who has the most active fans in TeamUp!

In addition, you can choose to view the fan points and ranking of all of your fans by clicking on the All link, located on top right of the Top fans list. This launches a popup window which contains the information about all of your fans, their fan points and ranking.

What if I would want to message my Top fans?

The users who have made it to your Top fans list are your most keen fans, who with their own input and actions also help you get more visibility and attention both in TeamUp and outside of TeamUp. Thanks to Fan ranking, you can see that they are active doers, and aren't just satisfied with simply liking you and the updates you make. They want to cheer and follow you and your career, because being your fan gives them the chance to be part of "something bigger", to have great experiences and the chance to rejoice for you and with you, when you continue on your path towards your aims and fulfill your dreams.

We would like to encourage you to acknowledge these top fans of yours in one way or another, because paying attention to their activity surely would motivate them to continue the same active behavior as your fans. In the best case you could for instance offer your top fans some unique experiences or memorable events, organized together with your cooperation partners or sponsors, but even such a small gesture as a message coming directly from you, where you thank them for their efforts, will surely inspire and delight them. 

In other words, the easiest way to acknowledge your Top fans is to message them in TeamUp. If you go to your Fanships view, you can send a message to one or more of your top fans at once.

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