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What is Fan ranking?

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2017 01:58PM EET

This article explains the fan ranking and fan points.

What is Fan ranking?

Fan ranking is TeamUp's unique capability where all the fans can earn points by doing certain things related to those they are a fan of. For example: if you buy something from the fan shop of an Inspirator, you earn points for the money you spent. 

The more fan points you have related to an Inspirator, the higher you are in the fan ranking. TOP-10 fans will be highlighted within the Inspirator's profile.

How do I earn points?


How much points do I get?

Points that you can earn directly:

Points Reason Limitations
10 When you become a fan of an Inspirator Only once
1 Every day you visit the Inspirator's profile (as a logged in user) Max.1 point per day* per Inspirator
1 One point for each dollar / euro / currency you spend on the fan shop No limitations
5 When you publish a social shopping cheer after buying something from a fan shop of the Inspirator No limitations
*) NOTE. The day changes according to our server's local time zone (GMT / UTC). This means that if you are e.g. in the east coast of the USA (time zone EDT / UTC-4), a next "TeamUp-day" changes already at 8pm (which is 4 hours earlier than our server's time zone). 

Points you earn when somebody else does things based on the link you shared:

Points Reason Limitations
3 When somebody follows the link you shared related to the Inspirator Per each unique follower
10 When the user becomes a new fan for the Inspirator No limitiations
8 When a user follows your shared link and buys something from the fan shop of an Inspirator No limitations​
Example: when you become a fan of an Inspirator, you will get 10 points. At the same time you will get +1 point for the daily visit. When you come back next day, you will earn another fan point for your daily visit. 

Where can I see how many points I have?

You can see the detailed view of all the fan points you have earned in your own Fanships view.

If you happen to be in the top-10 of an Inspirator, your profile picture will be listed in the "Top fans" section.

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