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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2013 01:10PM EET
TeamUp is a social media community that aims to be an online space where all users could be – as our slogan says – "Better. Together." and make the world a tiny bit better. For this reason, we wrote down some guidelines of conduct that we would want all TeamUp users to follow, so that we can have a community that everyone enjoys being part of.

Please take a few moments to read through these five points below and keep them in mind whenever using the site. And remember, common sense, basic courtesy (like your parents must've taught you) and politeness take you a long way!

1. Be genuine, be yourself.

TeamUp is a platform where talents can meaningfully connect with their fans and find partners and supporters from among the companies that have joined as users. This means real people interacting with other people, even if in an online environment – therefore be the person that you really are. Please refrain from claiming to be someone that you are not (i.e. creating fake profiles for individuals or companies).

2. Be friendly.

Even though TeamUp is an online community, this doesn't mean that everyday common-sense and civility should be ignored. Please don’t express things in TeamUp that you wouldn't say to the person in face-to-face communication. When you contribute – post an update, cheer a talent… – do it with a purpose, e.g. to inspire, to share your excitement, or to say thanks. And please strive to keep a positive tone when interacting with other TeamUp users. No one likes to get their feelings hurt, whereas everyone likes getting positive feedback or a virtual pat in the back!

3. Respect others.

TeamUp does not tolerate bullying or harassment in any form, nor being dishonest or inappropriate. Moreover, nobody likes a user who acts as a troll, spams others or uses improper language, so please don’t be that user! If everyone respects everyone else and behaves accordingly, it makes our community better for everybody involved. In other words, please treat others in the TeamUp community as you would like to be treated! This doesn't mean that we want the community to be dull and "official"; on the contrary, we want you to have fun and to be able to enjoy using TeamUp knowing that everyone gets treated in a friendly manner.

4. Respect copyrights, trademarks and the law.

Especially when adding content to your TeamUp profile, please make sure that you only use such material (photos, videos from YouTube etc.) that you own the copyright of or that you have permission to use. As there are also businesses in TeamUp that have bought a profile to be here, please respect them and their trademarks, too – they are important enablers for many talents’ careers!

5. Show your support, share the common purpose.

TeamUp is focused on helping our great scope of talents to get the support and attention they need to achieve their goals and proceed in their career. Wouldn't it be lovely if every user would be(come) an active participant in the community, showing their support to the talents they like and admire in whichever ways they prefer: cheering for a talent, buying from the talents' shops, spreading the word about the talent's TeamUp profile...

Doing that would not only help the talents, it would also create a greater sense of community. We all share a common purpose in TeamUp – we want to support the talents – and if everyone does something towards that end, we will have a positive impact that not only has the potential to change the talents' lives, it can enhance everyone's user experience and we truly can be "Better. Together."

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