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How do I add another admin to my profile?

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2013 04:03PM EEST
It is possible to have several people administering one profile, which is a useful improvement particularly for talent groups, but also for business users or any other talent who wants to have another user helping in maintaining their profile. You can invite other users to become administrators of your profile in your Account management.

When you are on the Account management page, click on the Show details button below your profile to open the detailed view that contains your profile information. In the section Pofile admins you will see your own e-mail address, written in light blue, indicating that you are currently the only admin of your profile.

If you want to add another admin, just type in the e-mail address(es) of the TeamUp user(s) you want to invite as an admin to your profile. The persons you invite need to have a user account in TeamUp as well as either a fan, talent or business profile to be able to become profile administrators.

When you type in the e-mail address and hit the Add button, our system sends out an invitation to become an admin of your profile to the recipient's e-mail. On this page (i.e. Account management) you can see all the addresses of those users you've sent the invitation to in light grey; the grey color indicates that the user has not yet reacted to the invitation.

The e-mail our system sends out contains confirmation and rejection links. The recipient needs to click either of the links to either accept the new admin role or to reject it. If they reject the invitation, this will be indicated in your Account management page, as the e-mail address of this user will change to red.

If, however, the user accepts the admin invitation, their address will be shown here in blue and your profile will be connected to their account. This means that they will see your profile in their Account management page and will be able to take it into use and manage it on your behalf (e.g. edit the profile information, post updates, comment on items etc.) - basically they can do all the same things as you. Note: they will also have the right to add and remove other admins, even delete your profile!

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