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What does following a talent mean? How do I do it?

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2014 03:12PM EET
This article will explain how business profiles can start following a talent in TeamUp. 

When a business user has found interesting talents in TeamUp and would like to stay up to date with their latest news and career development, the business can start following the talent. This is a useful feature for companies especially when they have discovered a talent with whom they might want to cooperate later on in the future but for one reason or another cannot start cooperating with right away.

What does following a talent mean?

What following basically means is that the business user will receive the latest update of the talent in the private view of their business profile. In other words, the business doesn't need to visit the talent's profile to be able to see their latest updates. Instead, the latest update of the talent can always be seen in the private view by clicking on the Updates from Talents we're following link. 

What talents your company is following in TeamUp is not public information. In other words, it will not be shown in any part of your public profile. It can only be seen when the business user is logged in at our site and is browsing it. The information is also shown in the private view of the business profile, where the talent profiles will be grouped on the right-hand side column in the section Talents we're following.

Naturally also the talent, whom the business is following, can see the information about the followers in the private view of their talent profile. There the profiles of the businesses will be shown on the right-hand side column, in the section Businesses that follow me. Moreover, the talent will receive an automatic notification from the system whenever a business starts following them. 

How do I start following a talent?

In order to start following a talent, the business user needs to first go to the profile of the talent in question.

On that page, next to the talent's profile name, is an icon that looks like the human torso. Click this icon to start following the talent. Another option is to click on the little arrow on gray background that is located next to the profile name; this opens a dropdown menu with the option Start following.

After you have clicked either the icon or the menu option, the followership icon has now turned blue. The company is now following the talent and will get to see the latest update of the talent in question in the private view of their profile.

As a business user, you can see which talents you are following not only in the private view of your profile, but also on the talent index page. When you are browsing that page, the blue followership icon is shown in the profile card of each talent the business is currently following - as exemplified in the screenshot on the left.

If the company wants to stop following the talent (for instance after they have created a partnership with the talent in TeamUp, which means that the talent's updates will be shown on the public profile of the business), it can be done by clicking the blue followership indicator again. When it has turned back to grey, the business is no longer following the talent.

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