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Who can see updates made in TeamUp?

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2014 10:20AM EET
By default, updates posted in TeamUp are public, which means that basically everyone using the service can see them.

Talent's updates

An update posted by a talent is visible to everyone who visits that talent's profile. In addition, the fans and business partners of the talent can see the updates in their own profile, in the section Latest from my talents and me on the front page of their private view

In addition, the talent's updates are shown on the front page of the public profile of all fans and business partners of the talent, in the section Latest from my talents and me. This means that fans who visit other fans' profiles will get to see what kinds of talents others are a fan of - and in this way they can discover new, interesting talents in TeamUp.

Furthermore, if a business user has started to follow a talent they don't yet have a partnership with, they receive the talent's updates in their private profile, in the section Updates from talents we follow

Business Team's updates

An update posted by a Business Team is visible to everyone who visits that Business Team profile page. In addition, the update will be shown - similar to updates made by talents - in the profiles (both in the private view and public profile) of all those users who have joined the Business Team as fan members. 

In addition to the above, the updates can be seen also by people who haven't registered in TeamUp, if the update is shared outside TeamUp.

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