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Why must companies buy a paid profile in order to support Talents in TeamUp?

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2013 11:11AM EEST
Because not all good things in this world are for free... and in our opinion TeamUp needs to be free specially and particularly for talents, because in the end they are what this community is all about. TeamUp's business model, where business joining the service also need to pay for their profile, ensures that talents and also fans can have a free profile.

That talents and fans can have non-paid profiles is eventually also to the benefit of businesses. Thanks to the free profile, the threshold of joining the service is very low for talents (and therefore also for their fans). The more talents join TeamUp, the more the service will see other types of users joining in and starting to show their support to those talents. 

Let's spell out the outcome of the above equation: the more talents and fans there are in TeamUp, the larger the group of people that businesses can reach via the profiles they create in TeamUp.

But why do businesses have to pay?

As a representative of a company you might think that it seems useless to spend money to create a Business profile in TeamUp when you could just as well just spend that money on sponsorship activities. If you already know interesting talents who your company wants to support and in what ways, you definitely should go for it!

In reality there are several businesses that would be interested in sponsorship or forming partnerships with talents but that don't really know how and where to get started. Where does one find a talent to form a partnership with and who suits the company's aims? Do you search for them in Google and with what kinds of key words? And what kinds of things can 'sponsorship' actually include? And isn't it quite expensive, too?

In TeamUp, partnering with and sponsoring talents is made easy-peasy. With help of our service, all kinds of businesses, ranging from SMEs that do business only locally to global corporations can easily find talents that suit their aims, needs and values. In fact, what TeamUp offers for businesses is a kind of ready-made "talent list" or database where they can search for the best match and find a talent looking for sponsors.

Unfortunately, in life there is no such thing as a free lunch. We offer businesses access to a talent database - and as with using any other quality database, also accessing this requires payment. Nevertheless, we feel that we are offering a fair pricing, especially considering what the businesses get in return for their profile fee. 

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