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How does our company benefit from TeamUp?

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2015 07:25PM EET
By buying your own TeamUp profile, your company can become a part of a new and unique community that brings together talents, fans and businesses in a positive way. Here everyone has joined in to promote the talents' success and to help them reach their goals. In TeamUp a business can get well-earned positive visibility by building its brand with help of sponsorship and by bringing out their own social and corporate responsibility.

Three good reasons for creating a TeamUp business profile:

1) In TeamUp sponsorship is made easy - for businesses of all sizes.

The (perceived) high costs of sponsorship no longer need to be a barrier for doing it: whether a global company or a local SME or something in between, every business can find a suitable profile for themselves from the three different profiles available in TeamUp. In addition, businesses can easily find  those talents or cooperation opportunities that best match the needs of the company: there is a broad sprectrum of talents in TeamUp in all phases of their career, ranging from young and upcoming local or national talents all the way to Olympic stars. 

2) In the TeamUp community you can get a new kind of connection to your customers - through talents. 

Sponsorship is the most emotional and effective way to build your company image, brand and customer loyalty. It is also a "soft" way of marketing, because it is seldom considered negative. In TeamUp, a company gets an unique channel to communicate about their sponsorship activities: here it's quite natural to explain what kinds of talents the company is supporting and why, and in this way communicate the company's values. In addition, the company can build meaningful relationships to their customers by supporting the talents they admire and enabling them to have unique experiences with those talents.

3) Show your corporate social responsibility - earn positive visibility and attention.

A company that joins TeamUp is part of something bigger: a part of a community that is focused on supporting talents and helping them to reach their goals. By being involved in TeamUp the company gets an authentic chance to have an impact on the talent's career and in this way highlight their own corporate social responsibility and how they are involved in their own local community. All visibility in TeamUp is positive brand visibility, because it has been earned by the deeds that the company has done and the support it has showed in TeamUp.

How do companies benefit from TeamUp?

There are many businesses that right now are supporting different kinds of talents - for instance the local football team or a promising young musician - in one way or another. However, there are also a lot of companies that might want to sponsor an interesting talent but that aren't yet doing it, for one reason or another: either they don't know where to start looking for a suitable talent or they consider sponsorship to be too expensive for their company.

Thanks to TeamUp, sponsorship is now easily available for more and more companies even with very little financial investment. All business profiles in TeamUp, the most affordable one costing 250 euros per year, enable the company to search for, find and support talents that fit the company's purposes and needs.

By sponsoring their selected talents and connecting to them in TeamUp, the business gets additional visibility in the service as their profile will be linked to and shown in the talent's profile. This means that the fans of the talents will get to see, which companies are supporting the talents they're a fan of. There's probably no need to highlight the fact that having such a connecting factor between a company and a fan (in other words: a current or potential customer) is hardly a hindrance for the company.

If the company wants to get the most out of this connection, the Business Team profile offers a unique marketing channel. Through it, the company can get a direct and positive connection to the fans of their sponsored talents, thanks to our patented method. If the fans think that your Business Team and the brand of your company are interesting enough, they can join your team as fan members. This means that communicating to them (or with them) is more meaningful and efficient, because it's not considered spam.

In addition, putting the company's sponsorship strategy in action in TeamUp may possibly also save some money: if the company is active in TeamUp, it can communicate about its sponsorship activities to a broad audience with quite little effort. This in turn means that there's no need to use big sums of money to tell about the sponsorship for instance in the form of different kinds of advertisement or communications campaigns.

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