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What does it mean when I become a fan of a Talent? How do I become a fan?

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2014 12:50PM EET
Let's clarify one thing that probably is self-evident, though: when you are a fan of different kinds of talents, you are interested in knowing what's up in their lives and you want to stay up to date with what they currently are doing. In TeamUp, being a fan of a talent means precisely what you think it would: you stay up to date with the most recent events in the talent's life. 

When you become a fan of a talent, you get to see the most recent update of the talent in your own profile. This way, every time when you log in to TeamUp you can easily see the latest news of each and every talent you're a fan of. 

As a fan in TeamUp, you can also comment on the updates the talents make or leave a public cheer in their profile. You can also up the updates, comments, photos and other content the talent has published in their profile, if you think that they're particularly good or deserving more of other users' attention. 

How do I become a fan of a Talent?

You may already have noticed the heart in talents' profiles next to their name and profile picture. This heart is the symbol of being a fan. 

When the heart has light blue borders but its center is white (as in the one on the left), you are not yet a fan of that talent. If you would like to become a fan, just click on the heart: now it turns fully blue. Ta-dah, now you're their fan!

If you, for one reason or another, no longer want to be a fan of a talent, you can un-fan by going to the talent's profile and clicking the heart symbol again. When it turns from completely blue to having only blue borders, you are no longer a fan and you no longer will receive the talent's updates in your own profile's feed.

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