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What does publishing the profile mean and why is it necessary?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2013 02:30PM EEST
After you have signed up to TeamUp and created yourself a user profile (whether it is a talent profile, a fan profile or any of the business profiles), that profile is hidden by default. This means that no other user will see it and hence will not know you have joined TeamUp. Publishing your profile is therefore essential - otherwise other TeamUp users will never get to see it.

The newly signed-up user's profile is automatically hidden in order to give the users a chance to edit their profiles first to match their taste and requirements. We recommend all users, but especially talents, to take a moment (or two) after they sign up to fill in their profile details as well as possible before publishing it. In this way the first impression of the new profile is spot-on from the start when other users get to see it. 

Naturally, you can also edit your profile after you have published it.

How do I publish my profile?

There are two ways to publish your profile, both of which are explained below. The starting point here is the assumption that you have just created yourself a TeamUp profile and have started filling in the details. After you have added the texts, profile pictures and other content (there are differences, depending on the profile type) that you want it to include and are satisfied with the results, the final step is to publish it to the world. 

You surely can't have missed seeing the bright orange bar located in the upper part of our site, reminding you that you haven't yet published your profile. By clicking the blue Publish button shown on this bar you will make the profile public to all TeamUp users. 

Another option to publishing your profile can be found in the Account management page of your profile. You can access it to the main menu that opens by clicking your user name, located in the top right corner of our site. 

On this Account management page you can see the profile (or profiles) that you have created. Click the button that says Publish, and ta-dah: your profile is now visible to all TeamUp users. 

After you have published your profile, the button you just clicked has been replaced with another one that now says Hide. This is where you can hide your profile from other users, if for some reason you don't want anyone to find your profile (if you for instance want to make big edits to your profile and don't want to anyone in TeamUp seeing an incomplete profile). 

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