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Must I have a profile picture in TeamUp?

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013 11:26AM EEST
Of course this is not a must, but we would strongly want to encourage all TeamUp users to include a picture of themselves in their profile. In this way you get a more personal and personalized profile. An interesting and individual profile picture could be almost considered your business card here in TeamUp, because it is the first thing that other users see of you when they browse the index pages of different profile types. 

Having a good profile picture is particularly essential for talents, but we warmly recommend adding a profile picture for all fans, too. The reason for this is the visual aspect that is of central importance in TeamUp: all relations that are formed between different profile types – becoming a fan of a talent, partnerships between talents and businesses, talent belonging to a Talent group – is shown in the service's user interface with help of profile pictures.

For instance, all fans of a particular talent are displayed in that talent's profile not by name but by profile pictures. You surely agree that in that situation the talents would prefer to see the faces of their fans, instead of the default blank images that are used if the user has no profile photo. 

What kind of a profile picture should I choose? 

What kind of a profile picture suits your purposes best depends (not so surprisingly) on what kind of a profile you have in TeamUp. 

Users with a Talent profile have basically several different options for their profile picture. If you have created your talent profile for yourself as an individual and with your real name, you could choose a good shot of your face or a photo which shows you and which in one way or another well describes you and what you do. For instance, if you are a swimmer, a good choice for your profile picture would be one that portrays your sport. 

If you are an individual talent but have created your profile in TeamUp using your stage name, your profile picture could well be a photo that shows your face, but you can also consider other kinds of pictures that most aptly portray you, your stage name and/or your talent. 

If, however, the talent profile has been created for a talent group, such as sports teams or bands, the most natural choice for a profile picture probably is the team or band logo. Remember that talents can add several photos of different types and sizes to their profiles: even if the profile picture is for instance your team logo, you can easily include several pictures in your profile to show the people "behind the logo", so to speak.

For businesses the best and most obvious choice for profile picture is their company logo. For fans we recommend that they use a photo that shows them, one way or another, as their profile picture. Talents in TeamUp are surely interested in seeing who are their fans here, so if your profile picture shows Winnie the Pooh, for instance, it doesn't tell much about you to the talent (except perhaps that you probably like Winnie the Pooh). 

Note: The default setting for the index view of both talent and fan profiles is that when users enter that page, they are shown a random selection of 100 users' profile cards. â€‹Moreover, the index page then shows only those profiles that have a profile picture. You can see all profiles – including the ones without profile photo – when sorting the page e.g. alphabetically or according to publish date.

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